Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Excellent poster making tip for iLife and OSX Tiger

See Jim Heid's iLife site
for an excellent tip on how to make a poster from about 100 of your digital photographs

Mine is above

Listen to this article Listen to this article


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Executive Producer said...

Alright, that's pretty cool but how did you get that last uneven row? Doesn't the automator script figure out how to arrange the 96 photos into symmetry? Or (I haven't counted) did you not preselect 96 into a folder in iPhoto?

Also, apparently the automator script takes your photos, regardless of whether they are portrait or horizontal and makes them sqaure by choosing cropping for you. You can pre-crop your selects by ediitng each of the 96 photos using the crop tool and constraining it with the shift key (a daunting task to say the least), however, this seems a bit unforgiving as once you've cropped your 96 photos they stay cropped not only in the poster folder you've set up for this task but also in any and all libraries in which the photo appears. That's a bot radical.

Thus, it would probably be better to let the automator script select the cropping. Did you notice after the script ran, how it chose its crop? Did it start in the top upper left and make squares lft to right and top to bottom or did it cut a square out of the middle of the photo? Knowing the cropping habit of the script might affect the decisions of which photos to pick for the poster, don't you think? Did it cut people's heads off or on a close up crop eyes out, etc?


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