Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Excellent poster making tip for iLife and OSX Tiger

See Jim Heid's iLife site
for an excellent tip on how to make a poster from about 100 of your digital photographs

Mine is above

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Better Low Light No Flash Digital Photographs

Taking photos with a digital camera in low light settings is hard. On the advice of my sister (a pro) and the Tips from the Top Floor podcast, I tired using a higher ISO setting (ISO 400 as opposed to the default 100 ISO setting). This increases the sensitivity of the lens to light. Normally, in low light, you have to increase exposure time (or slow the shutter speed) to get enough light. In fact if you leave your camera on automatic this is what it will do in low-light settings. The usually results a blurry photo unless you use a tripod and your subject stays really still. So bumping up the ISO helps at the cost of a grainer-looking picture.

Here a a few samples:

1. This one is with a point and shoot Canon Powershot A70 at ISO 400

Low light no flash photos

2. This one is with a Canon Digital Rebel. This shot is less grainy presumably because this camera has a better lense. The only light source in this photo is a bedside lamp.

Low light no flash photos

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